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by: Abu Aardvark 2008-7-29
There’s no rule against my describing my own talk, though. I spoke about the relationship between al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood: not about the arguments over whether and how to engage with the MB, and not about the deep history of the relationship (back to the splits in the Egyptian MB over Qutb) but specifically over how AQ and the MB view each other today. While I’m not going to reproduce the whole talk here (I will be turning it into an article very soon if I can just find..

by: Abu Aardvark 2007-1-4

Well, that was exciting.  On al-Jazeera right now, Faisal al-Qassem’s show The Opposite Direction - the most popular and controversial of all Arab talk show screamfests -  is taking on the question of Saddam’s execution.   It started well enough, with Sunni ex-Baathist Mishan Jabouri (opposing the execution) sitting across from the Shia Sadeq al-Musawi (defending the governm..

by: Abu Aardvark 2007-2-23
by: Abu Aardvark 2007-6-28

A few days ago, the respected Israeli historian Emmanuel Sivan published a short note in Haaretz complaining about the sourcing of Sy Hersh’s claim that Fatah al-Islam had received funding through pro-US Lebanese politicians:


by: Abu Aardvark 2007-7-30
In a contribution to the really excellent Newsweek/Washington Post series Muslims Speak Out, which invited a wide range of Muslim figures to respond to a series of questions, Egypt’s Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa wrote under the headline "No Compulsion to Believe" that ..

by: Abu Aardvark 2007-7-30
Arabs have been fascinated by the elections in Turkey, convincingly won by the moderate Islamist AKP after calling early elections in response to the secularist military’s antipathy to the party’s Presidential candidate. Al-Jazeera covered the elections as heavily as it does any Arab election (which means, quite heavily), while a wide range of columnists have written about it. ..

by: Abu Aardvark 2007-1-1
Today is World Press Freedom Day, which for students of the Arab media is a depressing day indeed...