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by: Al Said Ramadan 2006-4-30

In a new episode of arrests among political activists and members of the Muslim Brotherhood calling for reform, the Egyptian police rounded up 25 of the Muslim Brotherhood ranks from Sharkya governorate in addition to 18 from Giza picked up on Friday while they were posting signs of the National Front for Change (NFC) denouncing emergency laws.


by: Al Said Ramadan 2006-5-18

On the eve of judges Bastawisi and Mikki’s trial on May 18, state security police launched a campaign against opposition arresting 60 Muslim Brotherhood protestors in the governorate of Menofya on Wednesday while participating in a rally supporting the two reformist judges. Police forces used tear gas to disperse the largely peaceful demonstration.


by: Al Said Ramadan 2006-5-29

In a similar scenario to the November’s parliamentary elections, police forces sealed off downtown Alexandria and prevented voters from casting their ballots in the local Chamber of Commerce elections in which the Muslim Brotherhood is fielding four candidates.

Police also arrested tens of the Muslim Brotherhood members.


by: Al Said Ramadan 2007-7-8
We, the Copts of the electoral district (24) that includes Al-Maasara and Helwan, were surprised when a deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood stood for the elections of the People’s Assembly in our ....

by: Al Said Ramadan 2007-7-8
In an astounding scene that portrayed the genuine and deep rooted love among christians and muslims in Egypt, thousands marched Tuesday through the streets of ..

by: Al Said Ramadan 2007-6-13
Prompted by those who defy granting the Muslim Brotherhood an official political party that would enable them of serving and defending the people and combating any exterior pressures (under the pretext that the law prohibits the formation of religious-based parties), the Muslim Brotherhood have issued a statement, announcing that they represent an integrated Islamic body that has historical, political and social legitimacy, and that has influence and prevalence covering all Egypt...