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by: Amr Hamzawy 2010-12-3
The first round of parliamentary elections in Egypt has left behind a political scene that is simultaneously frustrating and puzzling...

by: Amr Hamzawy 2010-11-23
As Egypt heads toward elections for the lower house of parliament on November 28 and the presidency in 2011, Cairo’s officials have got their story straight and they are sticking to it: this proud nation needs no international observation of its elections, which will proceed according to well-established laws and constitutional precepts...

by: Amr Hamzawy 2010-9-25
What good is a free media when the preferred recourse is to demagoguery, asks Amr Hamzawy*..

by: Amr Hamzawy 2010-5-9
Several days ago, Nathan Brown, a political science professor at George Washington University, and I completed the manuscript for a book that will be published soon by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace...

by: Amr Hamzawy 2010-3-3
The regime is not interested in completely eliminating the Muslim Brotherhood, and therefore it uses its executive and legal instruments to contain the Brotherhood's organisational efficacy and political and social influence...

by: Amr Hamzawy 2010-2-26
On Orthodox Christmas day, six Copts were killed while coming out of churches in Nagaa Hammadi. The horrific crime, committed by three Egyptian Muslims, is a wakeup call. It should alert us all to the dangers of growing sectarian tensions in this country and to the horror that sectarian hatred can reap...

by: Amr Hamzawy 2010-2-26
Over the last several weeks, Dr ElBaradei's call for political and constitutional reform and honest presidential elections has gathered real momentum in the media. Amr Hamzawy thinks aloud offering a few suggestions to could be candidate Dr ElBaradei..

by: Amr Hamzawy 2010-1-21
Not long ago the Muslim Brotherhood was the most dynamic opposition force in Egypt. Now, excluded from any meaningful political participation and riven by internal conflict, it is practically indistinguishable from the country’s other opposition parties...

by: Amr Hamzawy 2009-12-16
Political opposition in Egypt has been stirred by a recent campaign against Gamal Mubarak, the son of the president Hosni Mubarak, becoming Egypt’s new president in 2011...

by: Amr Hamzawy 2009-12-2
Political opposition in Egypt has been stirred by a recent campaign against Gamal Mubarak, the son of the president Hosni Mubarak, becoming Egypt’s new president in 2011...

by: Amr Hamzawy 2009-6-10
Arab governments greeted Barack Obama’s much-anticipated Muslim world at Cairo University last week as a clear sign of the new U.S. administration’s intention to reset America’s relations with the Arab and Muslim worlds. But there are significant differences between the reactions of America’s moderate friends in the region and those of its radical foes...

by: Amr Hamzawy 2008-11-28
When posing their questions about Islamic trends seriousness regarding democracy, Western researchers have to differentiate between the cases in which Islamists rose to power without elections and without a discourse with a clear democratic vocabulary like in Iran and Sudan, and the discourse and practices of democratically-elected Islamists in Arab parliaments. ..

by: Amr Hamzawy 2008-11-8
As far as Washington is concerned there are four aspects to the crisis in the Middle East. Firstly, it is exacting an enormous political price -- especially the US military presence in Iraq -- in terms of military expenditure, loss of life and the daily attrition on the US army...

by: Amr Hamzawy 2008-7-28
The PJD, since its creation in 1992, has long been a peaceful political party, separate from its parent religious movement. Its decision to deemphasize religious and moral issues, however, has alienated some of its constituents, forcing the party to compete for their allegiance with more fundamentalist Islamist movements. In Party for Justice and Development in Morocco: Participation and Its Discontents, Hamzawy analyzes the institutional and political conditions that shaped the PJD, i..

by: Amr Hamzawy 2008-7-22
The elections within the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan for its Shura Council in March and the elections for the central bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in June drew the attention of observers of political Islam. ..

by: Amr Hamzawy 2008-4-28
Dialogue with European politicians and decision-makers on Arab issues has a flavour of its own..

by: Amr Hamzawy 2007-11-29
A major shift is taking place in the way decision-makers in the US and major European countries view the political role of Islamic movements in the Arab world and also in the way they regard the perils such movements..

by: Amr Hamzawy 2007-11-2
The Muslim Brotherhood’s draft party platform sends mixed signals about the movement’s political views and positions. Although it has already been widely circulated, the document does not yet have final approval from the movement’s guidance bureau...

by: Amr Hamzawy 2007-10-3
Most platforms tackled the economic and social needs of the population, and, at least in the case of the Socialist Union,..

by: Amr Hamzawy 2007-8-4
At a time when Islamist movements across the Arab world have chosen to participate in official political processes, grave concerns have arisen over the nature and repercussions of this participation and over whether the Islamists are equipped to rule should they rise to power through democratic means. Because of the diversity of Islamists’ awareness of, and approach to, such issues, any analysis of these questions must steer clear of generalities (and the reproduction of generalities) ..

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