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by: By Gilad Atzmon 2010-9-5
Tony Blair, a man who launched a criminal war with no end, declared once again today that “Radical Islam is the world's greatest threat”...

by: By Gilad Atzmon 2010-8-18
“… what the Jewish community leaders who rush to assist the Jewish state are doing is giving a clear message of Jewish collective support of Israel and its crimes.”..

by: By Gilad Atzmon 2010-8-17
I guess it shouldn’t take us by surprise that the Israeli flag has become a common feature at demonstrations and gatherings by the ultra-nationalist English Defence League (EDL)...

by: By Gilad Atzmon 2010-7-17
The Jewish community in Britain seems to be over the moon. A survey that was published a few days ago suggests that British Jews are nothing but “peace lovers”. The Guardian newspaper was also quick to report that 77 per cent of “British Jews favour a 'two-state solution' in Israel”...

by: By Gilad Atzmon 2010-5-8
The Palestine Film Festival opened in London this year with Elia Suleiman’s latest feature “The Time that Remains”, a monumental reflective and poetic take on Palestine since 1948...

by: By Gilad Atzmon 2010-4-22
It is somewhat puzzling that the director, Roman Polanski, who has managed to evade justice for more than three decades, decided to make a film chronicling a disgraced British prime minister attempting to escape a war crimes tribunal in The Hague...

by: By Gilad Atzmon 2010-3-29
The current crisis in US-Israeli relations may lead to some devastating consequences as far as Palestine, Iran and the Middle East are concerned...