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by: El-Said Ramadan 2006-3-7
In a new episode of the unjustified escalation policy against the Muslim Brotherhood, the security forces launched a new campaign of arrests on sunday’s dawn...

by: El-Said Ramadan 2006-3-14
The National Front for Change, which includes the main opposition powers, held a press conference to launch its campaign to end emergency laws

In his address, the Front’s Chief Aziz Sedqy, said Egypt has been plunged into a state of emergency since the assassination of the late president Anwar El-Sadat in 1981. Emergency laws are normally imposed for a week or a month, but not for 25 years..

by: El-Said Ramadan 2006-3-16
The incidents of the Military Technical College, the first attempt of coup arranged by an Islamic organization, come to surface after 32 years. Recently, some newspapers circulated reports about what they termed ’the connection between the Muslim Brotherhood and the organization of the Technical College aimed to topple late president Anour El-Sadat...

by: El-Said Ramadan 2006-3-24
The statements of Dr. Ahmad Nazif, the Egyptian Prime Minister, that the Government is about to replace the Emergency Law with a new “Anti-Terrorism Law” have drawn reactions from Egyptian political circles questioning the seriousness of the Egyptian Government in seeking change and political reform...

by: El-Said Ramadan 2006-4-4

Dr. Abdul-Moneim Abul-Fotouh, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Office, the top executive body of the MB, affirmed that the campaign of detentions is a continuation of the Egyptian regime’s policy aimed at disorienting the MB, perturbing its activities and preventing it from exercising the constitutional and legal rights that guarantee the freedom of expression and assembly...

by: El-Said Ramadan 2006-5-25
Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood : We Demand Reform According to A National Agenda; U.S. Statements Do Not Concern US...

by: El-Said Ramadan 2006-7-29
In an unprecedented incident revealing the foolish way adopted by the Egyptian regime in dealing with people including children, security forces attacked group of kids demonstrating in Shobra district in Cairo to show their support to the Lebanese and Palestinian children who are being massacred by Israeli troops More than 800 children participated in the demonstration in front of Al Khazendar Mosque...