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by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2010-10-21
With the issuing of two presidential decrees the battle of parliamentary elections is in full swing, reports Gamal Essam El-Din...

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2010-10-15
The outlines of the parliamentary elections, scheduled at the end of next November, began to take shape this week...

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2010-9-25
Opposition parties reject ex-IAEA chief Mohamed El-Baradei's calls to boycott November's parliamentary elections...

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2010-8-7
The face of Gamal Mubarak, the son of President Hosni Mubarak and chairman of the ruling National Democratic Party's (NDP) influential Policies Committee, has appeared on posters in the streets of central Cairo...

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2010-7-22
The Muslim Brotherhood has called for greater dialogue with Egypt's major opposition parties on pressing for political reform..

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2010-7-21
The week that The Economist chose to come out with eight stories on Egypt which dealt with, among other issues, President Hosni Mubarak's health concerns, the president was here and there, meeting several regional leaders, attending military graduation ceremonies and, after the magazine appeared, visiting Cairo International Airport where he inaugurated several projects, touring the facilities on foot...

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2010-7-2
Following weeks during which Mohamed El-Baradei seemed to disappear from the public eye, the former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) paid a high-profile visit to Alexandria on 25 June...

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2010-3-3
Among the UNHRC recommendations approved by Egypt is the ending of the state of emergency in place since 1981...

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2010-1-29
Considered by many a conservative academic who will avoid confrontation with the regime, Mohamed Badei, the 67-year- old newly-elected supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), used his first week in office to attack the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP)...

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2010-1-22
"The Brotherhood believes in gradual reform which can be achieved only through peaceful and constitutional struggle based on persuasion and dialogue."..

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2009-12-26
Yosri El-Gamal and Hani Hilal, the ministers of education and higher education, faced a torrent of interpellations submitted by nine opposition and independent MPs on Saturday...

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2009-12-25
Conservative members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood swept the board in the outlawed group's internal elections on Monday in what many viewed as an internal Brotherhood coup...

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2009-7-11
The widely debated step of dissolving parliament might prove unlikely despite the latest police crackdown on the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood...

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2009-3-27
On Sunday, the government of Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif fell under heavy parliamentary fire. As many as 11 opposition and independent MPs launched a scathing attack against the Nazif government, alleging that its policies are always designed to serve the business elite loyal to the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP). As a result, asserted MPs mostly belonging to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group and to leftist parties, not a single day goes by in Egypt without demonstrations, s..

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2008-5-23
On Sunday the People’s Assembly voted in favour of amending the 1973 traffic law. The vote followed criticism from opposition MPs and several independent newspapers of the tough penalties contained in the draft bill which could, some argued, ignite social unrest...

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2008-3-22
With more than 90 per cent of the ruling NDP’s candidates standing unopposed in next month’s municipal election no one doubts the results...

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2008-3-15
Opposition parties and human rights organisations have complained that the ministries of interior and local development are placing numerous obstacles in the way of those wanting to register as candidates in municipal elections due to be held on 8 April...

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2008-1-4
Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif was bullish in defence of his two-year-old government’s economic policies, insisting that it had notched up a series of successes, introducing much needed reforms that had resulted in growth rates of 7.1 per cent and attracted $11.1 billion in foreign direct investment in 2007. Nazif also boasted that in the last 12 months the number of tourists visiting Egypt had for the first time exceeded 10 million, and that dollar reserves held by the Central Bank of Egy..

by: Gamal Essam El-Din 2006-12-31

President Mubarak’s proposal to amend 34 constitutional articles curtails the growing political role of the Muslim Brotherhood, writes Gamal Essam El-Din

In two letters submitted to the People’s Assembly and Shura Council on Tuesday President Hosni Mubarak called for 34 amendments to the constitution. "Egypt," said Mubarak, "has not seen such a number of proposals since 1980." In the ne..