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by: Ikhanweb 2005-11-3
The Vice of the Supreme Guide of the Moslem Brotherhood, Khirat el-Shater, denied any differences between the National Front for Change and the MB regards the upcoming parliamentary election. He also declined to have any coordination with the government...

by: Ikhanweb 2006-7-8

The AFP news agency quoted Mohanned Al Hosny, the chairman of the Syrian Organization for Human Rights, as saying that 13 of the Muslim Brotherhood members were released. Al Hosny said that these members have been among those who were detained between the years 1981 through 1983 after the bloody events of Hamah which claimed the lives of about ten thousand Syrian people at the hands of the Army..

by: Ikhanweb 2006-8-6

The Jordanian State Security Court Sunday August 6, 2006,  issued its ruling in the case of the three MB Members of Parliament who offered condolences to Zarqawi’s family, sentencing one of them for two years, another member for one and half years along with  financial penalties for each, and cleared the third defendant. The highly politicized case was seen by observes as bad omen whi..

by: Ikhanweb 2006-8-6

The PA health ministry stated that 190 Palestinians were martyred while more than 800 others got injured as a result of the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip that started in June including 17 who were martyred during the latest incursion into Rafah city, to the southernmost tip of Gaza Strip, a couple of days ago.

Dr. Hussein Muawyya, emergency and ambulance general manager in PA..

by: Ikhanweb 2006-9-5

 A small group of hooligans last night stoned the car of PA foreign minister Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar that he was riding after offering condolences to one of the ministry’s employees over the death of his sister, a ministry release said on Monday.

The statement said that apparently the attack followed provocation on the part of one of those present in the house of the employee during ..

by: Ikhanweb 2006-9-30

Since they were released on March 2, 2006, a group of Libyan university professors affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood haven’t been allowed to return their jobs yet. This prompted the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood to release a statement on September 28, 2006, denouncing the suspension of its professors from their jobs.

The group in its statement lashed out at the government’s ..

by: Ikhanweb 2006-10-1

Signals of a possible American intervention to topple the legitimate PA elected government were mounting, and were preceded by the ongoing security mess in the Palestinian territories that was carried out by security forces loyal to PA chief Mahmoud Abbas.

According to reports, the USA decided to intensively intervene with full force to derail the Palestinian democracy and topple the PA..

by: Ikhanweb 2006-10-16
In a show of unequivocal support for the PA government’s steadfast stands on constants of the Palestinian people and Arab and Muslim Ummah, tens of Ulama (Islamic scholars) and intellectuals in the Arab and Muslim world have called for popular solidarity to break the unjust international economic siege on Palestinians.

Nationalists and Muslim leaders from all over the Arab and Muslim worlds..

by: Ikhanweb 2006-10-16
Qatari foreign minister Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassem Al-Thani has affirmed that Arab and international parties had blocked the formation of a Palestinian national unity government.

The minister affirmed in a statement to Al-Jazeera TV network that his country’s mediation to patch the rift between the PA presidency and government did not fail and was still continuing despite presence of difficult..

by: Ikhanweb 2006-11-27

The Islamic movement gained a great progress in the first round of the Bahraini parliamentary and municipal elections, held last Saturday 25 November, amid an unprecedented fierce competition; the unified slate of the MB- affiliated Al Menbar and the Salafi Asala Society garnered seven seats out of the total 12 candidate slate for the parliament, while three candidates, two from Al Menbar and o..

by: Ikhanweb 2006-12-19

In a continuous violation 0f rights of journalists in Egypt, Mohamed Abdul Quddus, the secretary general of the freedoms committee in the Press Syndicate yesterday was beaten by ten security agents because he insisted on breaking the security siege around the syndicate, and standing amid Abdul Khalek Tharwat street and chant slogans against the regime through a loudspeaker.


by: Ikhanweb 2006-12-27

Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, the deputy chairman of Hamas politburo, denied reports of the movement’s threats to target US interests.

“The reports of the movement’s targeting US interests is farcical and groundless; the movement’s politicians or leaders in Al-Qassam Brigades haven’t issued such groundless statements”, said Abu Marzouk in a statement to Ikhwanweb.

Abu Marzouk pointed o..

by: Ikhanweb 2006-12-27

The Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc will hold a press conference on Wednesday December 27, 2006, to discuss president Mubarak’s speech about the upcoming constit..

by: Ikhanweb 2006-12-28

MB Parliamentary Bloc: Constitutional Amendments Serve Only NDP, Exclude Others from Political Action
The Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc confirmed that the proposed constitutional amendments aim at excluding the vast majority of Egyptian people, including all their various political spectrum from the political action and preventing them from exercising their rights, and th..

by: Ikhanweb 2006-12-28

Mr. Tarek Al Hashemi confirmed that "The situation in Iraq is tense, and we should search for new substitutes", pointing out that these substitutes should be- not under the US administration’s control- but under the control of the international community.

Al Hashemi, the Iraqi vice-president, told Ikhwanweb that " The current government can’t take any tough decision because of the unrea..

by: Ikhanweb 2007-1-17
Mr. Omar Al Gabouri, the human rights manager in the Iraqi Islamic Party confirmed that the death toll of the sectarian violence is actually two times higher than what the United Nations declared and that this death toll is only of those registered in the government medical services.

Al Gabouri attributed this to several reasons: police brigades control over key institutions affiliated to t..

by: Ikhanweb 2007-3-15

Egyptian security forces arrested Mohamed Adel, Ikhwanweb correspondent and blogger of Maiet while covering Tahrir Square demonstration today. Security forces also arrested 32 other demonstrators. Adel was last heard of when h..

by: Ikhanweb 2007-3-16
Al Fayyum prosecution prolonged the jail of 9 Muslim Brotherhood detainees for 15 days on the same charges of joining an outlawed group and working for hindering the constitution.
The detainees are:
-Eng. Saad Mahmoud (General manager at Irrigation Ministry)
-Ahmed Ibrahim Bayyoumi (accountant at Al-Mallahat Company)
-Dr.Ahmed Fouad Beltagi (radiologist)
-Eng. Gamal Abdul Fattah (Ma..