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by: Issandr El Amrani 2010-10-7
Political openings in Egypt over the last 30 years have come in waves. Swelling and then retreating, they have had little permanence...

by: Issandr El Amrani 2010-9-2
I am spending this Ramadan outside of Egypt, in cooler climes. I suppose I should be grateful to have avoided both the blistering August heat and the power cuts that have plagued the country in the last few weeks...

by: Issandr El Amrani 2010-7-10
The National's Matt Bradley has a story on the Muslim Brotherhood's Facebook clone:..

by: Issandr El Amrani 2010-2-26
The genius of Mubarakism is that it remains anti-political...

by: Issandr El Amrani 2010-2-22
I was interested to see how the people polled on views of Hamas and Hizbullah. As you can see from this chart, in Egypt Hamas retains surprising popularity despite a considerable amount of anti-Hamas propaganda coming from the state press and elsewhere, as well as the (contested) shooting of Egyptian border guards by Hamas. I'm a little surprised by this, because some of the anti-Hamas agitation appears effective, and I did not get the feeling that the average Egyptian was particularly outraged by Egypt's anti-Hamas policies...

by: Issandr El Amrani 2010-2-22
Back to the ElBaradei campaign's potential. The sense that I get is that most of his prominent supporters are focusing on the potential for ElBaradei to be a symbol, a loudspeaker for the Egyptian opposition's near-universal agreement on what needs to be changed in the country: an end to emergency laws and the police state, constitutional reform to make politics competitive, and an end to the Mubarak family's role in politics...

by: Issandr El Amrani 2010-2-21
Two days ago we went to the office of a small NGO in Downtown Cairo to meet Abdel Rahman Youssef, poet, television presenter and activist who is being the campaign to draft Mohamed ElBaradei...

by: Issandr El Amrani 2007-10-5
The LAT has a great piece by Ashraf Khalil on Arab actors in Hollywood dealing with prejudice and typecasting — More work, one role for Arab actors..

by: Issandr El Amrani 2007-10-5
Tutu’s appearance—slated for the spring of ‘08—was made possible by the university’s partnership with PeaceJam International, .....

by: Issandr El Amrani 2007-10-5
Some important links from Arabist blog..

by: Issandr El Amrani 2007-9-23
“Foreign investment really has to do with the stability of the country,” said Arsene Aka, analyst with Global Insight. Although he found the central bank’s readiness to put a figure on the cost of freedom of speech “a bit disturbing,” he admitted that from an economic standpoint, it did make sense..

by: Issandr El Amrani 2007-9-15
The surprise verdict that came down this morning against the editors of four independent political tabloids is the herald of more repression to come — at least when it comes to dealing with President Hosni Mubarak, ..

by: Issandr El Amrani 2005-10-8
The International Crisis Group has a new report out on Egypt, the first one that looks at the general political situation in a while. It’s pretty much essential reading for anyone who is interesting in contemporary Egyptian politics or even the wider question of Arab reform.

by: Issandr El Amrani 2005-10-12

Ibrahim on monitors, Abdo on Islamists

A few days ago Saad Eddin Ibrahim had a new op-ed in the Washington Post, in which he says the time is ripe for international mon..

by: Issandr El Amrani 2005-11-22
by: Issandr El Amrani 2007-1-28
Making a renewed appearance in the State of the Union address this year was Iran. Bush set out an agenda that puts the U.S. on a path of ..... ..

by: Issandr El Amrani 2007-2-2

A few days ago, Kifaya announced that George Ishaq, its general coordinator for the last two year, will be stepping down. His replacement is Abdel Wahab al-Messiri, a renowned philosopher best-known for his Encyclopedia of Jews, Judaism and Zionism — the most comprehensive and serious study of these issues in Arabic. When I first read about this a couple of days ago in the Daily Star, I couldn’..