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by: Jenin Muhammad* 2009-4-2
Different think tanks, newspapers and websites were interested in the announcement of Mahdy Akef, Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman, in which he said he is going to step down after the end of his term end of this year..

by: Jenin Muhammad* 2009-4-1
Barack Obama flew to Britain last night ahead of the G20 summit as his first step in his European whirlwind trip. Obama’s European trip includes appearances at the G20 summit in London (2 April), the Nato anniversary summit jointly hosted by France and Germany (3-4 April), and visits to the Czech Republic (4-5 April) and Turkey (6-7 April), Gideon Rachman at the Financial Times argues that Turkey will be Obama’s most important stop. “This is the one bit of the trip that it is very hard..

by: Jenin Muhammad* 2009-3-30
It may surprise people to realize that Akef will be replaced in an internally democratic process. As I understand the process, the Supreme Guide is elected by the Brotherhood’s Shura Council, which has 100 members -- 80 of them elected by ..

by: Jenin Muhammad* 2009-3-27
Gershon Baskin wrote an article in Jerusalem Post , called ‘Encountering peace: Olmert’s scorecard - failure!’ about the peace process and all the difficulty it encounters because of the rise of the far rightists in Israel but he is still spreading the same old pack of lies when he described the Arab dictatorship regime saying it is the moderate one and that Muslim Brotherhood are the extremist camp. Baskin describes a regime that violates all human rights, suppress all acts of opposit..

by: Jenin Muhammad* 2009-3-25
Although the Obama administration is only just starting, observers are already noting a distinct change in the prominence and tone of U.S. public diplomacy, specifically with respect to the Muslim world. One of the first sit down interviews was with the Arab channel Al-Arabiyyah and also Obama’s choice of Turkey to be one of the stops in his presidential foray and at the beginning of his term, Obama declared that he was ready to engage the Muslim world.. All of this appears refreshingly dynamic, but are those steps show his favouritism to engaging Muslims and Islamic groups in the political sphere and what are the Americans, the Arabs and Muslims reaction to this change of policy?..