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by: Khaled Diab 2010-3-8
ElBaradei has been persuaded, through grassroots activism, to come home and launch a campaign to clean up the country's radioactive political decay after nearly three decades of toxic rule by the Hosni Mubarak regime...

by: Khaled Diab 2009-4-16
In a series of recent articles, Brian Whitaker explored the role of Islam in Arab politics, the decline of secularism and what can be done to reinvigorate it. He describes how "the decline of Muslim secularism reflects the rise of Islamism and the more generalised religious revival that has swept across the Middle East since the 1960s"...

by: Khaled Diab 2008-1-20
One possible advantage of dictatorships - if the dictator is competent, benign and enlightened - is that the leader has the time to flesh out a vision. Obviously, the downside is that dictators cannot easily be held to account for their failings, nor ousted when they are unpopular - as the efforts to oust President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt amply demonstrate...

by: Khaled Diab 2008-1-10
Egypt’s decision to jail four newspaper editors does more to damage the president’s reputation than anything they ever wrote...

by: Khaled Diab 2008-1-8
Many in the west fear the threat posed by political Islam. But there is a more ominous menace closer to home. After every terror attack by Islamists, fears are raised in conservative circles about the “Islamisation” of our culture with the presence of hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the UK and millions across Europe. ..

by: Khaled Diab 2008-1-7
Experience is valued in everything, it would seem, except in the world of traditional courtship. I am no anthropologist, but it strikes me that most of human societies, either now or historically, place a premium on premarital sexual chastity, or "purity", particularly when it comes to women: from the Bantu of southern Africa, to the various faiths of South Asia, to the monotheistic religions of the Middle East. ..

by: Khaled Diab 2007-11-15
You could say that writing about humour is like joking about quantum physics - unlikely to trigger even a subatomic ripple of laughter from people. Nevertheless, I have decided to venture where comics fears to tread..

by: Khaled Diab 2007-8-15
Female genital mutilation is on Egypt’s political agenda again, after the death of two young girls. But can legislation banish it?..