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by: Khalil al-Anani 2010-12-30
The Muslim Brotherhood's decision to take part in the upcoming People's Assembly elections comes as no surprise...

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2010-3-11
Islamist movements in the Arab world have varied widely during the last 30 years. Groups range from promoting violence for political reform to others which follow a more moderate approach towards a peaceful change..

by: Khalil al-Anani 2010-3-3
For the first time since it was founded 80 years ago the Egyptian MB became embroiled in a dispute over the election of a new supreme guide...

by: Khalil al-Anani 2010-3-1
The recent arrest of several Muslim Brotherhood leaders came as no surprise. In fact many had been expecting the move for weeks. What did raise eyebrows was the charge sheet, some items on which were so naïve as to seem laughable...

by: Khalil al-Anani 2010-2-3
The question with regard to the future can be deduced by two key points: the first is associated with the personality of the new leader in both organizational and political sides. The second is linked to the future of the political and the intellectual project of the group...

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2009-11-2
CAIRO: Since its inception in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has never experienced a crisis like the one it was subjected to last week. The announced reason for the current crisis was the refusal of the MB’s Guidance Bureau (the group’s highest executive body) to promote leading Brotherhood member Essam El-Erian to the Bureau’s membership to replace Mohamed Helal, who passed away three weeks ago...

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2009-10-6
There is a general feeling in Egypt that the plan to groom Gamal Mubarak to succeed his father as the next president has virtually entered the stage of implementation rather than being mere speculation...

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2009-10-6
Today, eighty one years since its creation, the Muslim Brotherhood is no longer a youth-focused organization simply, but a movement that spans across several generations...

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2009-7-25
The Egyptian regime has succeeded in scaring the society from and neutralizing it regarding the Muslim Brotherhood. But at the same time it did not succeed in eradicating the Brotherhood from the Egyptian society. The group remains steadfast in the face of the regime’s crackdown...

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2009-4-12
The relationship between the United States and the Muslim Brotherhood will always remain a complex one. This is not only because of the mistrust between the two parties that has increased during the Bush era, which has dealt with the Islamic world with haughtiness, but also because neither party is willing to engage in an unconditional dialogue. ..

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2009-1-29
Despite the fact that the Palestinian cause is pivotal in the discourse of violent and moderate Islamist movements, their discourse is not too different from that of the official Arab elite. This fact came across very clearly during Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip..

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2008-12-3
The state assets management plan floated by Egypt’s National Democratic Party is nothing but a failure, not only because of the way the project was announced, as it seemed that the party is still living in the 1950s and 1960s when people used to be taken by surprise, but also because it torpedoes everything the government has done over the past four years in terms of the privatization and liberalization of the Egyptian economy...

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2008-11-19
Four weeks ago, the Arabs were cursing the American model and gleefully anticipated its fall. It has fallen already because of the financial crisis that hit the global economy. But two weeks ago, everyone suddenly turned to hail the same model that gave Barack Obama the opportunity to become the first black president in American history..

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2008-11-13
How will president-elect Barack Obama deal with moderate Islamists in the Middle East? That is the question that is preoccupying Islamists and Arab authoritarian regimes alike. Despite President Bush’s tragic mistakes in the region, he has played an important role in the Islamists’ rise in many Arab countries, such as Morocco, Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt and Jordan, before backtracking on the promotion of democracy after Hamas came to power in January 2006...

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2008-9-3
CAIRO: The Administrative Court in Giza adjourned Monday two cases filed by Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Deputy Chief Khayrat El-Shater as well as 18 detained MB members demanding their release after serving half their jail term. ..

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2008-7-29
I believe that one of the causes of popular anger in Egypt now lies in the fact that the legitimacy of the current regime has eroded over time, whether due to the contractual, rather than compulsory decreasing rate of efficiency in the management of the country or the absence of a historic achievement preserving a degree of legitimacy. What make it worse is the declining living standards in Egypt that have reached a point where people are fighting over bread and the state institutions..

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2008-7-24
The problem that authoritarian regimes have with democracy is not only that it may undermine the foundations of authoritarianism and tyranny and reveal the false legitimacy on which such regimes rely to survive, but also in the redistribution of roles and power on an equal basis where there is no place for security forces, corruption or favoritism...

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2008-7-9
The method by which the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Office elections were held some weeks ago has raised many questions about the mechanisms for running the internal affairs of the group and whether or not there is a genuine democracy within the Muslim Brotherhood. ..

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2008-6-25
What term can we use to describe the incumbent Egyptian political regime? Is it a democratic or authoritarian regime, or is it hybrid mix of the two? Indeed, for a quarter of a century the current regime has been closer to autocratic regimes where the ruler enjoys a central status, in a way that makes him manipulate political life...

by: Khalil Al-Anani 2008-5-28
Salafis in Kuwait have won most of the National Assembly seats in the May 17 parliamentary elections. In Jordan the Muslim Brotherhood elected conservative Hammam Saeed as the new leader. He is the first Jordanian of Palestinian origin to hold such a high-profile position since the founding of the group in 1946. ..

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