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by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-6-16
the United States and Egypt announced a plan to double trade and direct investment in the next five years...

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-5-19
Members of the Committee on Human Rights of the People’s Assembly demanded the presence of any representative of the ministry of interior in Parliament to introduce the ministry’s security policy under the emergency law recently approved by the People’s Assembly...

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-5-18
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) reported in late April that the Egyptian Administrative Court ruled to stop the introduction of a new drug pricing system, which connects between the price of medicine in Egypt and the prices in foreign countries...

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-4-28
The Egyptian American Coalition sent a letter to both the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior in early April, calling for actions and measures necessary to enable the Egyptians in the United States to vote in the upcoming elections to be taken by the government...

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-4-26
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicted in its annual report on the prospects for the global economy published last Wednesday that an increase of the rate of growth of the Egyptian economy will be around five percent this year, compared to 4.7 percent last year..

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-4-24
The third annual report on the status of democracy in Egypt, issued by the Observatory of the State of Democracy of Egyptian Society for the Advancement of Community Participation revealed that the participation rates of women, in general, and Christians in elections, whether voting or nominations, is still low and has been reduced to almost zero...

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-4-24
The Egyptian Parliament approved on Tuesday a law on combating human trafficking during its session under the chairmanship of Fathi Sorour, the Speaker of Parliament...

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-4-22
The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) submitted on Sunday a draft law for general elections and a referendum to Parliament for an alternative draft law for the Political Rights law no...

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-4-22
A report released by the Ministry of Health last week revealed the death of approximately 23,167 patients out of a total of 3 million patients who underwent treatment in ministry hospitals during the past year..

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-4-19
Feki stressed the need to increase the allocations for subsidies in light of expected increases in prices, to protect the poor, “especially as the increase in inflation increases their proportion.”..

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-4-11
The Cairo Center for Human Rights Studies said in a statement last week that the Council of Human Rights of the United Nations, which adopted on March 25 a resolution that “helps those who aim to restrict freedom of expression under the pretext of combating or preventing the defamation of religions” is responsible for “killing freedoms” worldwide...

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-4-11
The United States government repeatedly criticized the Egyptian government last week and called on the regime to respect freedom of expression, following the arrests that took place in downtown Cairo of activists from the Youth Movement 6th of April, which saw the arrest of dozens of protesters who were demanding political and constitutional reform..

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-4-11
A senior American official said last Wednesday that Egypt is leading an international working group in the Gulf of Aden and holding direct negotiations with Somali pirates and people of the area to persuade them to intervene and to stop supporting piracy. It comes as Western observers have continued to play down the role of piracy after a turbulent 2008-2009...

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-4-8
The From Mahalla to Cairo blog highlighted the testimonies of the families of the recently detained members of the Muslim Brotherhood..

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-3-30
The United States Commerce Department warned American companies and businessmen who are interested in investing in Egypt from the spread of corruption within the Egyptian government, especially in the levels of junior officials...

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-3-23
Scores of Egyptian special needs citizens continue their weeks-long protest for equality in front of Parliament...

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-3-10
American Ambassador to Egypt, Margaret Scobey, during a visit to the Assiut Governorate in southern Egypt to sign an agreement with the governor there in order to finance 6 projects for drinking water stations and sanitation, said that the US Administration “does not support a certain candidate in the upcoming presidential elections” and stressed that her country supports holding free and fair elections anywhere in the world...

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-3-8
The Egyptian Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni announced on Thursday that Egypt restored 25,000 pieces of antiquities from Britain, some dating to the middle of the Stone Age, 200,000 B.C...

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-2-28
The former nuclear chief continues to get the support of opposition movements and activists from different political currents, and most recently the Coptic community has thrown their support behind a potential ElBaradei presidential run...

by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 2010-2-28
The number of young people who make up this category is some 100 million young people, which means that the Middle East region has the largest number of young people who are qualified to enter the labor market in its history, the report said...

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