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by: NADIA ABOU EL-MAGD, Associated Press 2006-3-18

Nearly 1,000 Egyptian judges held a half-hour silent protest Friday to demonstrate for full judicial independence and against the government’s order to interrogate six of their colleagues who criticized recent elections.

The justices, wearing the red and green sashes of their profession, gathered outside their professional association, the Judges’ Club, in downtown Cairo ahead of an ext..

by: Nadia Abou El-Magd, Associated Press 2006-4-29

Riot police wielding batons chased away protesters from Egypt’s supreme court yesterday as two judges who favor reform faced a disciplinary hearing for alleging fraud in last year’s parliamentary elections.

At least 16 demonstrators were arrested and one was beaten, said the Kifaya activist group, which organized the demonstration. Police declined to confirm the arrests or clashes.


by: NADIA ABOU EL-MAGD, Associated Press 2006-10-9

 Egypt On the 25th anniversary of Anwar Sadat’s assassination, Egypt faces an uncertain political future with most democracy reform efforts stalled and the country obsessively focused on the possibility that the current president’s son will succeed him.
President Hosni Mubarak, now 78, was a general and vice president, sitting beside Sadat, when the then-president was gunned d..

by: NADIA ABOU EL-MAGD, Associated Press 2006-12-4
Ikhwanweb: With the invention of the internet and satellite dishes and their spread across the Muslim world; it became imperative .....