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by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-5-7
Dr. Ahmed Kamal Abulmagd, Professor of Law at Cairo University and Vice-chairman of the National council for human rights, said Monday that the Emergency law is the worst law ever witnessed in Egypt...

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-5-6
Dean of the faculty of Law, Zagazig University, has referred a large number of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students into disciplinary boards which decided to punish them for their endorsement of May 4 strike. ..

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-5-5
Opposition MPs declared in a press conference Monday their rejection of a draft legislation by the People’s Assembly raising Petroleum prices. ..

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-5-6
Human Rights activists denouncing torture in Egypt were attacked by anonymous men on April 30 during their waiting to attend an appeal hearing against the pre-trial detention of three torture victims..

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-5-2
Freedom House report on Press freedom, released in advance of the World Press Freedom Day on May 3rd, indicated that setbacks in press freedom outnumbered advances 2 to 1 across the globe. However, there was a glimpse of hope concerning press freedom in the Middle East according to the report...

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-4-24
Hundreds of doctors staged protests on Wednesday demanding a new pay-scale and denying the government¢s silence towards the deteriorating economic conditions...

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-4-21
Mohamed Mahdi Akef, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), confirmed to Ikhwanweb that the procedures carried out by the Egyptian regime of arresting Esraa Abdel-Fattah, the founder of the Facebook group “6 April A Nationwide Strikeâ€‌, clearly proves what the Muslim Brotherhood have always declared in their statements about the Egyptian regime...

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-4-17
The Haikstep Egyptian military court handed down long jail sentences against 25 members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) last Tuesday, a verdict that was condemned by many International human rights organizations...

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-4-15
The military court of the Haikstep military base handed down its final verdict on the military tribunal in which 40 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders have been tried for more than a year...

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-4-14
The final session of military tribunal against 40 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders, harshly criticized by International and Arab human rights organizations, is expected to be held today morning (April 15)...

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-4-14
Human Rights Watch said in a statement on Saturday April 11 that Egypt should conduct an impartial investigation into the police use of force against protestors in Mahalla city during the demonstrations which took place last week. ..

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-4-10
Egyptian authorities arrested several prominent members of the Kefaya reform movement yesterday, including George Ishak, former general co-ordinator, and Fathi Al-Hifnawi, a prominent member of the movement in Gharbiya. Security forces raided their houses detaining them without giving any reasons..

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-4-7
The Muslim Brotherhood said today it will boycott municipal elections after being allowed to field only 21 candidates out of 10,000, calling on the Egyptian people to boycott Tuesday’s elections because of the flagrant violations committed by the government ahead of these elections...

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-4-6
The number of Muslim Brotherhood affiliates arrested, shortly before the beginning of the registration for the upcoming municipal elections, has exceeded 900 detainees till last Thursday (April 3rd) according to the Muslim Brotherhood statistics...

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-4-3
Wide-scale sweeps of arrests have been launched by the Egyptian authorities against MB candidates and supporters in several parts of the country, in severe arrest campaigns which highly erupted after yesterday’s demonstrations and protests denouncing the violations committed by the Egyptian government against MB and independent candidates in municipal elections...

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-4-2
Dozens of the Egyptian state security forces have entered Fayoum university today attacking Muslim Brotherhood students and terrorizing all students inside the university in Fayoum governorate. ..

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-4-2
Egyptian Interior Minister, Habib Al-Adly, stated to the Middle East News Agency (MENA) yesterday that the government would continue its crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), and would keep on tracking MB affiliates in Egypt...

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-4-1
Thousands of MB leaders, affiliates, and supporters have taken to the streets today (April, 1st ) protesting the decisions taken by the committee organizing municipal elections which excluded registering the names of MB candidates in the final documents of municipal elections despite the court verdicts confirming the MB candidates registration in the elections...

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-3-31
The Egyptian security authorities prevented Dr. Abdul-Hameed Al-Ghazali, professor in the faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo university, from traveling to Saudi Arabia today despite finishing all his travel procedures and having a court verdict two years ago allowing him to travel freely...

by: Nadine Abdullah 2008-3-30
The Supreme Administrative Court ordered the obligatory of registering the names of 100 MB candidates in the final documents of municipal elections in Sharqiya governorate. The court will view other 113 appeals of MB candidates calling for stopping elections in Sharqiya because of the violations committed in electoral stations against them despite the court verdicts the MB candidates have, enabling them to participate in the upcoming elections held on April 8th. ..

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