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by: Rannie Amiri 2010-1-31
The senseless war in Saada waged by the Saudi government was thus meant to send an unmistakable warning to any in the Kingdom who might espouse similar beliefs or demands as the Houthis: do so at your own peril, notes Rannie Amiri...

by: Rannie Amiri 2009-12-10
A soldier in exchange for humane and civilized behavior – a pity such a deal even has to be offered...

by: Rannie Amiri 2009-11-7
In Egypt, the 28-year rule of US-backed president Hosni Mubarak has been most notable for political intimidation of opponents, suppression of dissent, and silencing any and all who dare challenge his authority, notes Rannie Amiri...

by: RANNIE AMIRI 2009-11-7
It is always amusing to see how authoritarian regimes endow themselves with the trappings of democracy – a party, parliament, “elections” – as if they somehow confer legitimacy to otherwise undemocratic governance...