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by: Ray McGovern 2011-1-13
While US presidents and European leaders have long viewed Afghanistan as a strategic square on the global chessboard, Pakistan sees its Afghan neighbour in the context of a fierce regional rivalry with India, notes Ray McGovern...

by: Ray McGovern 2010-3-17
Yoo propounded theories that elevated Bush beyond the bounds of federal or international law. As Yoo has acknowledged, his opinions could allow the President to crush a child’s testicles to get his father to talk or to willfully annihilate a village of civilians, notes Ray McGovern...

by: Ray McGovern 2010-3-13
The main 'positive' of robust sanctions against a country like Iran is simply that those who impose them can feel good. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to target sanctions on the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps without hurting the Iranian people at large, notes Ray McGovern...

by: Ray McGovern 2010-1-31
The US President and other misguided Democrats are hell bent on preventing the bemedaled Petraeus, a likely Republican candidate for President in 2012, from painting them soft on terrorism. Letting Petraeus run the policy, while avoiding any critical intelligence analysis, is Obama’s safe — and cowardly — way out, says Ray McGovern...

by: Ray McGovern 2009-4-10
Three years ago, Easter dawned in Crawford, Texas, for the many friends of peace gathered to celebrate new Easter hope...

by: Ray McGovern 2008-2-3
“For the oppressors, what is worthwhile is to have more—always more—even at the cost of the oppressed having less or having nothing. For them, to be is to have and to be the class of the ‘haves.’” Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed..

by: Ray McGovern 2008-1-14
When the Tonkin Gulf incident took place in early August 1964, I was a journeyman CIA analyst in what Condoleezza Rice refers to as “the bowels of the agency.”..

by: Ray McGovern 2007-12-16
The report by the Post’s Joby Warrick and Dan Eggen, which describes Kiriakou’s experience in interrogating suspected terrorists, raises in an unusually direct way an abiding question: Should the United States of America be using forms of torture dating back to the Spanish Inquisition?..