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by: SHRC 2007-1-18

Eye-witnesses have reported to SHRC through direct telephone calls from Baghdad this evening that armed men in Iraqi police uniform have attacked and burned flats in which exiled Syrians live in Haifa Street. Up till now, 15 flats have been burnt.

The armed men burnt two flats from block no. 45, belonging to the lawyer Mohammed Bakoor, President of the Syrian Committee for Democratic Ac..

by: SHRC 2007-1-30

Colleagues of Dr. Jihad Sha’ban KabaKibo, head of the Anesthetization   Department in a hospital in al-Dammam, Saudi Arabia, have reported that he travelled to Syria prior to Eid-al-Adha (late December 2006) after having spent more than 26 years in exile, and was arrested in Damascus International Airport. Since then, nobody has heard of him.

His colleagues also said that Dr. ..

by: SHRC 2007-2-18

The exceptional Supreme State Security Court (SSSC) issued despotic and unjust sentences against six youths arrested because of their Islamic background on Sunday 11/2/2007. Accusations against them included opposing the aims of the revolution, membership of a society established to change the economic and social structure of the state, and spreading information that aimed to weaken national mo..

by: SHRC 2007-3-1

Mr. Kamal Sheikho was released from prison on Saturday 24/2/2007. He was arrested on Saturday morning 17/2/2007 and was driven to one of the branches of the General Intelligence Directorate in Damascus.

Mr. Sheikho was born in 1978, and is a university student in the department of sociology. He lives in al-Hasakah province and is an active member of the ’Committees for Defence of Democr..

by: SHRC 2007-3-1

The Exceptional Supreme State Security Court (SSSC) issued harsh sentences on six Islamic detainees after being charged with attempting to become members of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement, pursuant to Article 49/1980 which condemns to death mere membership to the said movement.

The sentences were then reduced according the following:

Mr. Sami s/o Ali Derback, born on 31/3/1964 ..

by: SHRC 2007-3-14

Human Rights Sources have relayed that the Supreme State Security Court issued in its weekly session on Sunday (11/3/2007) gross sentences on 26 detainees from Quatana (Rural Damascus province), ranging between 12 and 4 years imprisonment with excessive fines.

The source reported that the detainees, described as Islamists, were arrested in mid 2004 and referred to the exceptional SSSC o..

by: SHRC 2007-3-14

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has learnt form Ahwazi and Human Rights sources that the Syrian Authorities arrested five Ahwazi’s (Ali Bu Athar, Kamal Nuwasiri, Salah al-Deen Suwari, Afnan Azizi and Ahmed Asadi) on 5/3/07, and handed two of them over to the Iranian Authorities on the same day (Ali Bu Athar- 24 years, and Kamal Nuwasiri-27 years). Both of them face the prospect of tort..

by: SHRC 2007-6-11

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has learnt from an informed source that the youth Ammar Fandi (30 years) was killed whilst the police forces raided his home in the Al-Assad Neighbourhood, Lattakia, on Saturday (9/6/2007). He was said to have been mowed down with heavy gunfire, similar to the scenes in American action movies.

 The reasons for the Syrian Authorities bloody ..

by: SHRC 2007-6-18

On 17/6/2007, the exceptional State Security Court (SSSC) issued severe sentences on seven youths whom had been arrested over a year ago, simply due to practising their right to peaceful expression of their opinions.

The court sentenced Tariq al-Ghawrani and Maher Isber to seven years in prison, accusing them of exposing the state to hostile actions and stripping away its grandeur. Oma..

by: SHRC 2007-6-27

On 27th June 1980, the Syrian Regime’s death machine slaughtered approximately 1000 Islamic detainees as they sat defenceless within their cells in the desert prison of Tadmur. The machine used to carry out this operation was the Defence Brigades, headed and commanded directly by the president’s brother and vice-president for security issues, Rifat al-Asad. It released two battalions towards Ta..