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by: Saeed Abbadi 2011-1-12
Ibrahim Munir, the group's representative in Europe and one of the defendants in the International MB Networking Case, said: "I have appealed my sentence before a British court, which will hear my case next month after I was sentenced to five years'...

by: Saeed Abbadi 2009-6-30
Mohamed Jemil Weld Mansour, head of the Islamic-leaning National Gathering for Reform and Development- Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Mauritania- and coming presidential candidate, said:" This Junta is an instrument of the coupist stage. We reached a consensus in which we wanted to return to constitutional life and legitimacy. Hereby, we aim to sidestep such a crisis but without violating the military institution which we all fully respect. We are actually talking about a coupist stag..

by: Saeed Abbadi 2009-6-29
NDP sources said that following the forming of NDP governorate-wide administrative offices in the up-coming elections in July, a wide-scale party forum is expected to be formed to include senior and fresh members. Meetings are expected to be held with parliamentary blocs before starting primaries to choose a presidential candidate according to the party’s bylaw. This coincides with intense contacts and consultations across state institutions discussing Egypt ’s political future as pr..

by: Saeed Abbadi 2009-4-12
The Algeria ’s Movement for the Society of Peace (MSP) is a unique example in its relation with the regime. MSP is one of a few Islamic movements that managed to solve equation of the clash with the regime...

by: Saeed Abbadi 2009-4-7
The Libyan regime is one of the most autocratic and oppressive regimes in the world. Under this regime, the Libyan people have borne the brunt of crimes and oppression in the midst of a recent silence due to the reconciliation with the US administration which backpedaled on its calls for democratization. Around this topic and other domestic issues, Ikhwanweb has this interview with eng. Sualiman Abdul Qader, the General Observer of the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Libya. He stresse..

by: Saeed Abbadi 2008-11-19
In his exclusive interview with Ikhwanweb, Hamas vice Chair Musa Abu Marzuk confirmed that Hamas "is not interfering with Arab politics. In fact many of those who bet on attacking, excluding, and marginalizing it began reviewing themselves and are now starting to deal with them as a real entity for the sake of building healthier future relations."..

by: Saeed Abbadi 2008-3-5
The Egyptian regime proves, day after day, that it still- despite the feigned margin of democracy- carries out aggravated violations against its critics specially if it is related to dealing with foreigners concerned with Egyptian affair. Although it was so painful to hear it after waking last Feb, 20th, at dawn, but I was expecting that Khaled Hamza will be detained specially under the current regime which sees that any one who opposes or criticizes president Hosni Mubarak must be..

by: Saeed Abbadi 2008-3-3
The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria called for stopping the massacres committed by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in Gaza describing the aggression against Palestinian civilians as a ’holocaust’. ..

by: Saeed Abbadi 2008-2-29
As Egyptian municipal elections scheduled to be held next April, 8th, come nearer, the Egyptian government’s escalation against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) gets more aggravated. This escalation included the latest detentions against MB leaders nationwide. Several chairman and many members of MB administrative offices (the highest MB body governoratewide) were detained...

by: Saeed Abbadi 2008-1-23
Faisal Mawlawi, the Secretary-General of the Islamic Group in Lebanon called on opposition in Lebanon to "stop attempts of to hinder reaching reconciliation in the country"..

by: Saeed Abbadi 2007-11-17
Ali Ammar, the chairman of the political office of The Islamic Group, accled on Lebanese members of parliament to " be up to the responsibility and take part in the parliamentary session held on Nov, 21st to elect a new president"...

by: Saeed Abbadi 2007-11-17
Abu Jarra Sultani, the leader of the Algerian Movement for the Society of Peace (MSP), criticized the latest amendments introduced into the election laws,..

by: Saeed Abbadi 2007-11-17
The Islamic Action Front Party (IAF) accused Jordanian government of planning for rigging the parliamentary elections scheduled to be held within a week ...

by: Saeed Abbadi 2007-10-11
Many rumors have recently mushroomed, like "president Mubarak suffers from cancer. The president died a clinical death...

by: Saeed Abbadi 2007-4-30
The Egyptian security forces raided the governorate of Menofyya, north of Cairo, on Sunday afternoon and arrested 13 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders in a nonstop crackdown against the biggest opposition group in the country..