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by: Saeed Abbady 2007-8-28
Ikhwanweb received a new footage showing torturing and beating a citizen in front Al-Haram police station (south of Cairo)...

by: Saeed Abbady 2007-8-27
Elections of the National Democratic Party started on the level of partisan units in all governorates in 18th August where 20 members are to be elected for every partisan units-7500 units- then five members are to be appointed after elections, thus the number of members in every unit should be 25. Seven members out of the 25 members are to be chosen to form the authority of the partisan unit, this is in accordance to the basic system of the party and its internal regulations. This co..

by: Saeed Abbady 2007-8-27
Dr. Alaa Makki, a leader in the Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP) denied that the party joined the four–party coalition declared by Prime Minister Jawad Al-Maliki...

by: Saeed Abbady 2006-8-20
The State Security authorities on Saturday August 19, 2006, arrested 17 Muslim Brotherhood members from Nasr City , Cairo , while they were visiting Atomist Dr. Raafat Howait in his home in Menoufia governorate, north of Egypt. Dr. Howait is also among the detainees who are to be referred to the State Security Prosecution today...

by: saeed Abbady 2006-8-30

Russian Ambassador to Jordan Alexander Calogen posted Jordanian MB Chairman Salem el Flahat dismissing as groundless reports that Russia has placed the Jordanian MB on its terrorist list.


by: Saeed Abbady 2006-9-1
Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef authorized Dr. Abu El-Fotouh, the executive Bureau member and Arab Doctors’ Union and Muhammad Abdul Qudous to attend the Egyptian novelist late Naguib Mahfouz’s funeral...

by: Saeed Abbady 2006-9-4

The Supreme State Security Prosecution on Sunday September3, 2006, extended the detention of 26 Muslim Brotherhood leaderships for another renewable 15 days against the background of what is dubbed as the Ras el Bar case( in which more than 15 MB members were arrested while vacationing in Ras el Bar summer resort). In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Muslim Brotherhood’s lawyer Abdul Monem..

by: Saeed Abbady 2006-9-5

Cairo Misdemeanors Court on Monday September 4, 2006, ordered the release of 16 Muslim Brotherhood leaderships who had been earlier last month arrested during their visit to atom professor Dr. Rafat Howait. The court’s ruling of release came after MB’s lawyer Abdul Monem Abdul Maksoud challenged the 15- day renewal internment issued by the Prosecution...

by: Saeed Abbady 2006-9-14

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Abdul Monem Abul Fotouh, member of the MB executive Bureau, said the Bush administration is a stumbling block in the road of reform in Egypt. However, Abul Fotouh sees that the US administration and the American people are two worlds apart “ The US has a great history of spreading freedoms and protecting rights, but the policies adopted by the Bush Administration – led by the Neocons- spark killings and violence”, he said, citing Bush’s recent statements in which he admitted the presence of secret CIA prisons where torture is said to be systematically exercised on victims to obtain information and confessions.


by: Saeed Abbady 2006-10-10

The Muslim Brotherhood students in faculties of Education and Science, Damietta Governorate, north of Egypt, started an open-ended sit-in as of Thursday of last week in protest against the arrest of two students from the faculties of Education and Science at the hands of security forces reinforced with armed carriers.


by: Saeed Abbady 2006-10-17

The Muslim Brotherhood will field candidates in 15% of the total seats for the upcoming Labor Union elections on November 2, 2006.

 In its appreciation and sensing of the dire need to reactivate the role of women in society, the group has named some of the activist feminist figures to stand as candidates in this election.


by: saeed Abbady 2006-10-19

As the Workers’ Union election is drawing near, all workers live  a wait and see state of affairs, with debates and questions among them as to how free and fair these elections will be, and whether the winners will put an end to the decade- long sufferings of workers socially and economically, or that the elections will only bring about the same faces with the same status quo.


by: Saeed Abbady 2006-11-3

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, MP and general coordinator for Muslim Brotherhood in the Labor Unions election, Mr. Saber Abul Fotouh, said that the group was hoping to be able to have at least 1400 running for the upcoming labor unions elections, out of 2000 candidates initially applied, but the government excluded all of them.


by: Saeed Abbady 2006-11-8

The Qalyoubeya, north of Egypt, Manpower Directorate refused to abide by the ruling issued by the Administrative Judiciary Court allowing MB candidates to stand for the Trade Union election.


by: Saeed Abbady 2006-11-9

In spite of security crackdowns and repressive measures against them, the Muslim Brotherhood candidates achieved a landslide win in the first phase of election in Cairo, Alexandria and other governorates in the Trade Union election held Wednesday November 8, 2006.


by: Saeed Abbady 2006-11-11
The Egyptian political arena is witnessing, these days, labor elections that are considered the strongest and hottest throughout its history, more than 100 years. Egypt’s first labor union was established in 1898; during this long period, the relation between the Egyptian political regime and the labor movements varied and witnessed important stages (the most prominent of which was the demonstrations that flared up on 8th May 1938 that smashed Cairo, as people carried placards calling for the recognizing Labor Unions, laborers mounted a hunger strike at Al-Ataba Square in 12/6/1938)...

by: Saeed Abbady 2006-11-20

Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh- member of the MB Executive Bureau- said in statement to Ikhwanweb that:" The suggested constitutional amendments that president Mubarak spoke about in his speech, yesterday, are tailored by the new National Party group that proved that the issue of security and protecting people have no value in their eyes, pointing out that this group is stronger and more dangerous to the country than the old guard..


by: saeed Abbady 2006-11-22
The Egyptian President declared, before the new Parliamentary session, that he will lodge a bill for amending article 76 in the constitution that will place many obstacles before any one attempting to run for the presidential elections; these amendments will bar other political parties from participating in the next presidential elections scheduled 2011...

by: Saeed Abbady 2006-12-5
They attracted my attention when I saw them for the first time, they were strolling in the Press Syndicate in Cairo during the conference of "Together against Imperialism and in Support of Resistance" held last March; they had sashes on their white veils reading " Muslim Brotherhood Female Students in Egyptian Universities". They played a prominent role in the student elections at Egyptian universities; however, they faced the same fate as the Muslim Brotherhood male students because they were struck off the lists of the student union elections...

by: Saeed Abbady 2006-12-11

Dr. Essam El-Erian- the top leader in the Muslim Brotherhood group and an ex-Parliamentarian- said that the Muslim Brotherhood’s insistence on reform made the regime keep me behind bars for about seven months.

He added - in a statement to Ikhwanweb- that he was among more than 1000 MB prisoners of conscience who call for freedom and reform.


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