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by: Saeed Al-Abbadi 2009-6-24
Iyad Al-Samerraei, Deputy Secretary-General of IIP and Head of the Iraqi Parliament, has expressed his wishes for a coalition that would include forces and large parties of all sects and nationalities for all Iraqi people. He agrees on a joint national program to end the phenomena of ethnic and religious coalition, however he does not think this would be achieved in the next parliamentary elections. ..

by: Saeed Al-Abbadi 2009-6-24
Those parties started a year ago with projects and joint actions submitted to the government, the presidency of the region and relevant institutions aiming at bringing reform to various fields. This joint project has developed forming a united list from which the Kurdish people expect a lot and wish success where it hopes to put an end to corruption and lack of services from which citizens suffer under the authority controlled by the two main parties...

by: Saeed Al-Abbadi 2009-6-24
Ben Mansour Added “This council is one of the institutions of the coup stage. We promised we’d be back to the life of legality and constitutionality; therefore we have to overcome this problem; however this doesn’t mean any manipulation of the Military institution, as we respect its status. We should however, endeavour to overcome the situation of the coup and move into a state of constitutionality"...