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by: Sara Khorshid 2010-2-4
Over the past decades, numerous polls have demonstrated that the majority of Egyptians want shari'a-or Islamic principles-applied to parts of their country's legal system...

by: Sara Khorshid 2009-6-22
" That masses are rallying to support him don’t necessarily mean he is the truly popular Iranian leader whose rights have been infringed upon by the incumbent president Ahmadinejad and the conservatives of Iran " Now Western media is furious over clashes between Iranian police and protesters — given that the Iranian authorities had already warned against demonstrating against the election results. Police clashes with protesters everywhere in the world — including in numerous anti-U...

by: Sara Khorshid 2009-6-14
I come from the "most religious country in the world":100% of surveyed Egyptians told Gallup that religion is a very important part of their daily lives..

by: Sara Khorshid 2009-4-1
Some right-wing Americans are critical of President Barak Obama’s approach toward the Muslim world; some Arabs are skeptic, on the other hand. But there is a consensus among both sides that it’s early to judge; and the world is watching and waiting for Obama’s policies toward the Muslim world to crystallize and bear fruit..