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by: Staff writer 2010-12-8
Should Egypt fear the US? Not really, it is just an ‘outside actor’ after all. Or, should the US fear Egypt? How many recalcitrant allies does the US really need? Should Egypt be afraid of being ruled by corrupt old men or is it enough that they fear the judiciary, the ballot box and election results?..

by: Staff Writer 2010-12-4
The 2010 elections in Egypt sent a very clear message to both the opposition and the general populace that anyone opposing the NDP will face tyranny...

by: Staff Writer 2010-12-3
One big, fat zero! That is what the Muslim Brotherhood is said to have got for their concerted efforts in the 2010 parliamentary elections...

by: Staff Writer 2010-12-3
The Muslim Brotherhood is boycotting the second round of voting in the parliamentary elections scheduled for December 5, after being all but shut out in the first round of voting. Claims of rigging, fraud, and intimidation are still ringing in everyone’s ears. Even the US has expressed its dismay at reports of intimidation of voters and MB candidates...

by: staff writer 2010-11-30
Egypt's opposition has dubbed the parliamentary elections invalid, claiming the ruling party secured its overwhelming victory by vote rigging and bribery...

by: Staff writer 2010-11-28
Despite the violence, arbitrary detentions and determined campaigners struggling against a dishonest, brutal regime, less than half the population of Egypt is expected to take part in Sunday's polls...

by: staff writer 2010-11-25
An election can generate just about as much tension and excitement as a good football match. And, there is tension in the air as the 2010 parliamentary elections in Egypt draw near. True, there are a host of people sticking their necks out to support the candidates of their choice in true democratic spirit, braving the torment and terror that boldly confronting a dictatorship requires...