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by: Tony Karon 2010-9-13
Having scammed his way to centre stage, Terry Jones pivoted at the last moment. He cancelled his plan to burn the Quran, but only on the basis of an utterly fictitious claim to be in negotiations over moving a planned New York City Islamic centre...

by: Tony Karon 2009-3-7
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown promised the U.S. Congress on Wednesday to "work tirelessly with you for peace in the Middle East." But Britain clearly has some ideas of its own about how to move the process forward, and those ideas clash with the orthodoxies still in place in Washington..

by: Tony Karon 2008-4-14
The idea of the starving masses driven by their desperation to take to the streets and overthrow the ancien regime has seemed impossibly quaint since capitalism triumphed so decisively in the Cold War...

by: Tony Karon 2007-6-28

In a fashion typical of its strategic and tactical ineptitude, the Bush Administration has responded to Hamas’s ouster of Fatah security forces from Gaza by madly rushing to cobble together an anti-Hamas alliance through a series of high profile gestures — the high-point of which was Monday’s Sharm el-Sheikh summit between the leaders of Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Palestinian Authoirity presiden..